The Process
It takes two or three days for me to get done an illustration. Usually I get a message from the art editor of the journal,shortly describing the essence of the article, so I start to think and sketch out the ideas,usually it takes one evening.Then if the rough sketch is approved I draw and color the final illustration.It also takes one evening usually.
*  *  *
Article about monopolies
Article about working conditions
Article about beaurocratic institions in educational sphere.
Article about writers unions.
Article about private teachers for those youngsters who prepare for universities exams
Article about police control in schools
Article about Georgian wine getting exported abroad
Article about a rat noticed  in the supermarket,filmed and uploaded on Youtube
Article about depression
Article about former convicts adaptation in civil society
Article about choices for student to be
Article about  foreign languages taught  in Georgian schools
Article about middle class Georgian kids
Article about age from which kids should go to school
Article about divorces