GovTech Week
I was selected to design a GovTech Week online event. The brief was to create identity for the event as a whole and for each specific day individually. As well, I was asked to create a full set of assets and templates for social media, GIF animations and promo video.
I came up with two visual identity ideas. Both ideas came up from the event being Digital, bringing people together, hosting country, International event and business networking.
Brainstorming some ideas after a good research on the events alike and the market.
First idea. Digital dots that would signify a calendar for all 5 days of events. 
Small example of animation possibilities for the Digital Dots.
GovTech Lab choose to go with this option below, where I was more than happy to proceed with remaining work. 

Abstract Lithuanian map created with different colours to distinguish each day of event. Created with net-like graphical elements to represent a networking, collaborations, knowledge and integrity. Digital age for live-online events.
Event identity proposal for GovTech Week 2020.
Social media menu. Client will know where to use each asset in correct way. 
With almost 1000 attendees, more than 70 speakers, from 15 countries, to thousands of worldwide video views, the event achieved a great reach all from the comfort of everyone's home! Thank you.
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