Alison Redux
Alison Redux
By Jack Radcliffe
When my daughter Alison was born, in the tradition of a new parent, I began to photograph her, initially in a separate and private body of work.  However, in the process of documenting Alison's growth, I developed apassionate interest in human relationships and capturing intimate moments in the lives of family and friends.

This affected my photography in a profound way. Rather than theisolated subjects of my earlier work, I became interested in thestrength of relationships, oftentimes using personal environments toamplify those conditions.

My photographs of Alison, because of the nature of our relationship, are very much a father-daughter collaboration-Alison permitting me access to private moments of our life, which might, under different circumstances, be off-limits to a parent. The camera, early in her life, became part of our relationship, necessitating in me an acceptance, a quietness. We've never had long photographic sessions, but rather moments alone or with friends.

The significance of these pictures emerges in retrospect.  I realize asI look at them, that I created a visual life story of Alison, capturing moments in her metamorphosis from infant to woman-her relationships with friends, her rebellion, and underlying it all, her relationship with me, a constant throughout her life.  I wanted to photograph her inall her extremes, and to be part of these times in her life without judging or censoring. Only in this way would I have a true portrait of Alison.
Alison in Delray Beach, Florida 1982

Alison in Playground in Delray Beach 1982
Alison at the Pool in Bethany Beach, Del 1984
Alison Braiding Barbie's Hair 1984
Alison with Backdrop 1984
Alison Playing the Violin 1984
Alison with her Bicycle 1984
Alison at the Pool 1986
Alison on the Deck 1986
Alison with Soccer Ball 1986
Alison with her Mother, Susan 1986
Alison at Piano 1986
Alison and Julie in Arizona 1987
Alison and Julia at the Pool 1987
Alison's First Solo Flight BWI Airport 1988
Alison Somewhere in Virginia 1988
Alison in Quebec 1989
Alison and Medallion 1989
Alison and April 1991
Alison and Brian 1992
Alison with Brian 2  1992
Alison on the Phone 1992
Alison on the way to Arizona 1992
Alison at the Rotisourie 1993
Alison in Dublin, Ireland 1994
Alison and Nadia in the Kitchen 1994
Alison with Hazen and Beverly 1995
Alison and Rachel 1997
Alison and Rachel 1997
Alison and Wedding Dress 2001
Alison and Rachel 2010
Alison Redux

Alison Redux


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