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Eredrin and Journey To Hope


Nuclear war has almost completely destroyed the Earth and billions of frogs have disappeared. The frogs that have survived are trying to hide in their new life order and continue their lives here. Our hero Eredrin led an ordinary life in his previous regular life. He was named after his great-grandfather because of his heroism, and despite being a frog, he is a young man with hunting feelings. With the explosion, his life was turned upside down and he lost almost all of his family members. But his only brother is missing and he is ready to do whatever it takes to find him. Now he will try to survive by using his existing hunting and will try to find his brother in his battle for survival against mutated aggressive species and other predatory creatures among city structures.
 The post-Apocalyptic open world-based map will be fought against opponents of different power levels. In addition to the main weapon to be used, our hero has a melee weapon for close combat. There is also a sonar system that will determine the position of the enemies, which we call hunter instincts.
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Eredrin Journey To Hope Panoramic Painting
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Eredrin and Journey To Hope


Eredrin and Journey To Hope