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iLogic Digital Agency was looking for curious, creative and inspired coders. 

They needed a solution that would speak to this sort of person directly.

Using Google’s principle of relevance we used relevant placement as well as relevant content. We decided that in order to reach the niche audience that we were targeting, we should speak in languages that only they would understand.

Using specific code language terminology (e.g. Javascript and HTML) we were able to construct a fun message that not only presented our call for job applicants but also the personality of the iLogic Digital Agency.

Our solution was a problem:


$(awesomeness).ready(function(evt) {
var employee = getUrlVars()['me'];
var iLogic = new Positions('Coder');
iLogic.Passionate(employee) &&
iLogic.HardWorking(employee) &&
window.top.location =

… Don’t understand this. Don’t apply

People who couldn’t decode the message did not know that it was a call for job applications. In doing so, we were able to filter those who couldn’t fill the job requirements and wouldn’t fit the iLogic attitude.


when you are ready for awesomeness
you could be an employee
ilogic is looking for coders
if you are passionate, hard working and a teamplayer go to ilogic.co.za…


<hidden ascii call_to_action>
A specific careers page was implemented on iLogic.co.za where applicants could leave their details and upload their CV.
To further filter potential candidates we included a hidden ASCII message in the source code of this page. If candidates included the reference phrase in their subject line, their CV was sent to a priority job applications mailbox.


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iLogic Digital Agency was looking for curious, creative and inspired coders. They needed a solutions that would speak to this sort of person dire Read More