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Scoopsie Scoop Madness, ice cream Art Toy
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Scoopsie Scoop Madness

Wait...! What?! An ice cream scoop that loves cream???
Yep! That's right! This Scoopsie gone mad! He's obsessed with ice cream, he thinks of ice cream all the time, only talks about ice cream, he even dreams with ice cream! He's flavor preference? ALL the flavors!! And as he can't choose which one he wants first, he just has them all at the same time!! The other Scoopsies believe that someone changed his recipe, and that while he was churning in the machine the change happened. And now what could have been a simple Lemon Scoopsie is a crazy Scoopsie! And now he's known as Scoopsie Scoop Madness! 🤪

One of a kind Art Toy.

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Scoopsie Scoop Madness, ice cream Art Toy