A reboot of my Real Monsters project, which attempts to give a face to the monsters of Mental Illnesses. All of the monsters and their descriptions have been reworked to better reflecting their original concepts.
The artwork is not at all intended to make light of these conditions but instead is intended to give these intangible mental illnesses some substance and make them appear more managable as physical 
Prints avaliable here: http://society6.com/TobyAllen
The borderline personality monster is one 
of  the most delicate but perhaps the most sinister of monsters. They gather in small swarms around their victims and use pheromones to heighten the emotions of their victim before feeding upon the emotional energies. They feed upon any emotion but tend to favour feelings of depression.
The monster is made almost completely of  clear ice, rendering it invisible. Only the maple shaped leaf on its tail is visible to the naked eye and looks like a falling leaf. At times, when the monster gorges itself too much on any given emotion, it can overwhelm them and they shatter like glass.

The schizophrenia monster is a vile creature that manipulates its victims into doing its bidding. It uses hallucinogenic gases secreted from the pores on its underbelly to control and influence others to do what it wants. Its victims relate to the monster as a powerful and controlling voice inside their subconscious.
It is often accompanied by other monsters such as Paranoia, with Schizophrenia taking up an authoritative role much like a mafia gang leader. They are rarely seen and like to hide in the shadows.

The paranoia monster uses its tall ears like a radar, scanning the area for any activity. In fact, the monster’s ears are almost useless due to the tight curled up cartilage and thick fur, so the sounds often get confused and muffled meaning paranoia almost often hears the wrong thing, which it then passes onto its victim. 
They feed upon feelings of anxiety of fear which they unintentionally create within their victims and they work with other monsters such as schizophrenia and anxiety, of which they share a similar biology. 

The dissociative identity monster (also known as multiple personality disorder) can be characterized by its ability to alter its form into whatever it likes. As well as changing itself physically, the creature also takes on different personas of itself each with their own personality.
The monster’s constantly altering form reflects its victims alternate personalities. If many different personalities exist, the monster and victim can become confused about their original identity and multiple personas can play out in the same from. No ‘DID’ monster looks or acts the same as another.