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Foundry Visuals 2021

It was a very special honour to me to create the new 2021 visuals for Foundry. Knowing that my work will travel around the world and reach the eyes of so many people and so many artists is very inspiring to me. I am very grateful to the Foundry team for believing in my work and giving me that opportunity. It was amazing and also very challenging to work on that.

The concept behind that I designed was to create a visual that represents the Foundry's mission: bring the real and unreal worlds together. I used colours combined with shapes to gave this feel. 
In the right we have the real world, with some blocks and particles representing the logical thinking, in the left we have smoothed lines representing the creativity, the imagination, the unreal world.
The two sides are merging to the middle, forming this abstract shape which represents the Foundry company, a result that the technology, innovation and powerful tools creates combined with creativity and imagination.


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Hope you liked it.

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Special thanks to those who helped me a lot during the process:

Oliver Smith (Foundry Team)
Anna Luraghi (Foundry Team)
Naomi Loo (Foundry Team)

Lucas Tallmann
Laura Perotti
Felipe Dias

Foundry Visuals 2021

Foundry Visuals 2021