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Hey Veggie! ~ Naming + Visual Identity

Naming + Brand Identity | Concept Project

Hey Veggie! is a concept project created for a design challenge. 
The project briefing was to create a start-up of a product or service that matches my hobbies or personality, give a name to the company created, and develop the complete visual identity of the brand. All this should be done within 24h.

Below I present the idea of my start-up, my motivation for this approach, my creation process, and all the visual identity. I would like to emphasize that I am not a UI/UX designer, and therefore, the focus of this project is not the app development.

Client  /  Concept Project
Project Type  /  Naming + Brand Identity
Place  /  Milan, Italy
Year  /  2020



The idea​​​​​​​
An app for people with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles 
who like to travel and discover the local food of the cities they pass through. 
With this app, you can discover bars, cafes, and restaurants that offer the best 
of local gastronomy with vegetarian and vegan options. 
No surprises when looking at the menu!

My motivation​​​​​​​
My decision for this project was motivated by three main factors:
• The first two are to join my two biggest hobbies and passions: travel and food.
• The third point is that I am pescatarian, and many times when I am traveling, 
I have difficulty eating the local food because of a lack of vegetarian options. 
Besides me, I know other vegetarian and vegan friends who go through this.


The target market
People who love to travel and discover the gastronomy of the cities they pass through.
• Young people and adults from 16 to 40 years old;
• Men and women;
• Vegetarians, vegans, and sympathizers of the cause and lifestyle;
• People who use smartphones a lot and like to use apps.


The brand is...

...fun without being childish. 
It is bold without being arrogant. 
It is colorful without being too much. 
It is young, friendly, and curious. 


It's a friend who calls you to eat!

Naming Process +

Both the Naming Process and the Development stage were only possible with the union of the previous phases. 
With the mapping, the project has the necessary information about the brand essence. The concept brings the visual references. With these two stages, it was possible to generate alternatives and to arrive at the final solution.


The App Icon
The icon has been specially designed for use on the app. A compact and well representative icon is vital for the app layouts. In this case, it was chosen to work with the letter H combined with the exclamation point, offering a quick brand recognition.​​​​​​​

Pattern and Graphic Elements
The graphic elements that form a visual identity help create your personality. They also enrich the brand application in materials, both physical and digital. For HeyVeggie!, a colorful and geographic pattern has been developed from the forms of various fruits and vegetables, which can also be used separately.

Thank you!

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Hey Veggie! ~ Naming + Visual Identity
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Katherine Friedrich