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    Gillettte Sochi Design Treatment
Gillette Sochi
Creative Direction : Design Pitch
Revealing a man's inner steel in a stylized manner.  The man dives, and the body transforms into the metallic organism under the water, then unravels to reveal steel within.  Patterned, abstract geometries move around steel as laser apparatus and coating mechanism that perfect the blade on a more curvilinear, anatomical journey.
Storyline Description 
- Man dives underwater.
- Hand becomes stylized, unravels.
- Bands of steel spiral away, reveal primitive blade.
- Inside a stylized hull, blade ignites.
- Lasers from the edge of hull slice steel into layers.
- Wide shot as blade is coated.
- Hull moves around blade at center pivot in circular manner.
- Pull back, reveal iris-like pattern.
- Transition to gleam in man's eye.