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IBM Australian Open Campaign

Information shapes the Australian Open.
Integrated campaign
As the Official Technology Partner of the Australian Open, IBM solutions capture, analyse and distribute data on almost every aspect of the tournament. This starts with providing the most basic piece of information – the score. From here, a vast sea of data – from schedules to player statistics and serve speeds – is captured and collated for officials, media and fans, both in the arena and around the world.

Without this layer upon layer of information, the Grand Slam would be reduced to two people hitting a ball over a net. Our brief was to convey IBM's role in creating the immersive experience of the Australian Open.

Hero image concept – portrait. 
Hero image concept – landscape.
Hero image concept – detail.
Final hero image, illustrated by Collider.
Final hero image – details.
Print ad in the Australian Open 2010 program.
Out of Home placements at Sydney and Melbourne airports.
In the Out Of Home placements, the data ball image functioned as a QR code. By taking a photo of the data ball, users were directed to the IBM Australian Open mobile landing page.
Digital Out Of Home at Sydney and Melbourne airports.
One minute online motion graphic by Collider.
Creative Director: Barrie Seppings

Lead Art Director: Rachel Liang

Copywriter: Shannon Bell

Motion Art Director: Thomas Marcusson

Illustration & Production: Collider
IBM Australian Open Campaign