Airbnb + Sonos 'Hello LA'

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  • Our friends at Sonos are teaming up with Airbnb to create a week of amazing events to experience LA like never before! 
    Airbnb has partnered with Sonos, and several other awesome California-based brands, to host a five day hospitality experience celebrating the most interesting people, places and experiences in Los Angeles. Hello LA (Sept 27-30th) brings this idea to life with immersive events designed to engage LA's local communities with celebrity-designed, bookable pop-up listings and contests. By submitting love letters to LA through Facebook, LA residents can also enter to win overnight stays at the pop-ups and gain VIP access to special events, some of which will be attended by celebrity hosts including James Franco, Lake Bell and Moby.
    If you're going to experience LA, you need a couple post cards along the way. BMD's latest partnership with Sonos involves designing these awesome cards which guests can pick up at the various pop-ups around LA. 
    More info on Hello LA