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Olwen (A Welsh Sun Goddess whose name means ‘golden wheel’ with red colour symbol and late blooming flowers.) is a semi-modular autonomous lighting system. Her job is to re-charge itself by using solar-cells and later illuminate the area with integrated LED strips (Victoria Park, London) without disturbing the current wild-life. The project is using the benefits of highly efficient and affordable mobile drones and 3d printing systems to fabricate and re-distribute itself. The modular pieces will be produced by using 3d printing systems to achieve the ideal form (minimal surface) to create both lightweight and artificial lighting system. The solar cells (red surfaces) and LED strips then attached to the edges of these minimal surfaces in order to create a differentiated lighting modulation. The mobile drones will be delivering these modules to the chosen urban area easily without actually disturbing the wild-life by avoiding any hard construction work and noise.

Finally, Olwen, as a system aims to create an artificial lighting system that can create a friendly zone for both human and wild-life in highly dense urban areas.
Shortlisted entry for happy LED Life - Designboom (Gwangju International Design Biennale 2015)