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Beneath the Surface
3D Motion
After Effects
Beneath the Surface
Client: Self Initiated
Song: Black Mass (Feat. 808 Mafia) by Levitate

This experimental art piece was created as a method for me to learn Houdini, specifically it's cloth and soft body system called Vellum. It started out as just seeing if I could model a good looking octopus tentacle. Then it became "what if the tentacle was dynamic and floppy?" then "what if there were like 1000 of them?" from there I just kept adding scenes, experimenting with having the tentacles and cloth interacting and colliding with things until I came up with this strange and abstract final product. I also really love this song by Levitate. Something about the silky smooth vocals and hypnotic beat felt like it worked perfectly with flowing cloth and the hypnotic motion of tentacles. I also wanted to try to create a dark and edgy vibe that matched the music while juxtaposing lots of white in the actual composition. This was such a great learning experience. I used Houdini, Cinema 4D, Redshift, Zbrush and the Adobe suite to make this. Enjoy!

Thank you!

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Beneath the Surface
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Ian Frederick