Korean War Memorial Park 
for Civil Victims
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Master Plan Design Team         :  Abdallah Mostafa & Ahmed Khaled & Hossam Hassan
Architecture Design & plans      :  Abdallah Mostafa
Interior Design & Visualization  :  Abdallah Mostafa
Exterior Visualization                 :  Ahmed Waheed & Ahmed Khaled & Abdallah Mostafa
presentation                               : Nourhan Halawa & Mohamed Abdallah                                           

The Memorial Park is designed to commemorate the victims of the Korean civil war, through showcasing their social and political history, explicitly demonstrating the repercussions of the three-year conflict to the public. The main concept is to provide the visitors with an experience that emphasizes the Korean war from two different perspectives; the first one demonstrates the tragedy of the Koreans who lost their lives during this dispute and the second one demonstrates the experience of those who made it through the war and continued their lives in the commemoration of the lost victims. Conceptually, the Memorial Park’s site is divided horizontally into two sections, representing commemoration of victims on the upper sector and survivors on the lower sector. Functioanlly, It begins from the educational zone at the west end and extends to the historical and spiritual zones. Visitors will be able to experience the intent of each zone through architectural and landscape design, providing them with insights into the Korean civil war.

In order to begin their experience, guests encounter a pathway that includes a blading effect on the gate walls and vast green areas, leading them to the educational zone. At entering this zone, they will comprehend the history of the Korean war and its lasting influence on the world. Afterwards, Visitors will be led to the main building, where they will begin their journey to the historical zone. This sector consists of three separate areas: the main building, the exhibition building, and the memorial hall building. Firstly, the main building serves as a place to highlight the civilians’ experience during the war, by showcasing various historical artifacts and photographs. Moreover, the interior of the space is designed to allow a diffused ray of light to penetrate through the translucent glass on the ceiling, representing a beacon of hope for the Korean society. Then, the exhibition building that serves as a place to highlight specific Korean heroes.
biographies and personal belongings. Then guests will be guided to a dark narrow underground pathway, that allows them to emphasize with and reflect upon the experiences of the victims. This pathway will lead them towards the memorial hall building, a building that further reflects on the memory of the victims and the calamity of the Korean civil war. As the visitors continue their journey they will encounter a solemn place that honors the victims by gathering around a large bonfire in order to remember the millions of lives lost to the tragedy. Lastly, the visitor’s journey ends with the landmark of hope, a location where the victims lives can be cherished. This landmark is also symbolic of the rebirth and growth of the Korean nation and the bright future of its citizens.
Korean War Memorial Park