I live in Roswell, New Mexico. There really isn't a lot of cool buildings, things to do, or even cool street photography. Despite popular opinion, I have not seen any aliens unless they are the illegal type. Sometime I do come out with some decent shots that I personally take interest to. Figured I would share them. 
Dome on top of a local sherrif station. This was a night shot obviously. Exposure was around 45sec. 
The building below used to be an antique shop, needless to say the top still is.
30 second exposure of a statue here in town.
Light shining through a stripped dry train car.
25 second exposure. Makes the town seem more lively than it actually is.
Face it, I really just like the texture and the torn up numbers on the pole.
Really old sign. Seems to be quite a bit of these around.
Seems like a little storage hut outside the airport terminal.