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Office Life | Small People
Office work is dangerous.
So take care!
And I wonder why my pencils always get lost and I have to steal one from anywhere else...
Reaching goals is always great - in every way!
So that's what happens when I leave:
My office turns into an amusement park!
Your fault!
Curiosity killed the cat...
Pencil sharpeners? Are overrated.
Only a sharply chopped pencil is a good pencil.
There's a lot of fun in the office at night.
During the day there's not.  :-))
There's nothing to say against bungee jumping in the office. 
But this construction is questionable...
Girls just wanna have fun.
Even with a slide tape dispenser.
This is...uh...was an important memo!!!
Oh no!!
My favorite cup!!
You don't really think I won't notice that, don't you?
Aaargh - my cookies!!
They found my secret hideout!!!
Death by pencil sharpener.
He was so close to retirement...
Love in the office!
Office Life | Small People

Office Life | Small People