J.Cook Restaurant
Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Year: 2020
J. Cook is about natural materials, a sexy dark-ish environment, and incompatible details that, may we say it, ended up offering a new style. 
The restaurant interior is rich with tropical plants: green, the color of nature and adventures, is everywhere.
Rush chairs here chord with velvet-based burgundy sofas that offer comfort and slight intimacy.
 This prevalence of green is then masterly extracted on the ceiling. Made of gypsum, these Rococo-style pieces have been specially designed and handcrafted for J Cook: they carry the breath of the times within them. 
We played with the lights:  different lamps represent different eras, but that doesn’t confuse.  The soft, warm light slightly glimmers, enhancing the atmosphere of the place. 

Mr. James Cook was indeed an extraordinary individual, thus naming a restaurant after him binds for an extraordinary design. 

 In only 79 square meters, we created a kaleidoscope of different cultures, moods, and styles.   
Thanks for watching!  What do You think of this design?
J. Cook restaurant