Bogotá Bone Breakers (AKA BX3) is a Colombian Roller Derby League pioneer in its country. Roller Derby is a contact sport  played mostly by female between 16 and 30 y/o.

Here we show a branding and promotional system which we proposed and sadly was not finally approved.
Primary Mark
The skull helmet is the most recognized idendity element among BX3's imagery, we decided to involve the female player using the rounded-chinned sillouhette behind the helmet.
We noted and took the subtle differential elements of female skull to design this mark.

It features a star in the helmet that means she is a Jammer. One of the positions of the Roller Derby game.
Alternate Mark - Just the Skull-Helmet
Full Mark Primary Mark + Logotype
Helmet strap joins with logotype
Alternate Mark
League Monogram
Promotional System
DISCLAIMER: all content before this note  is concept art only and is not the official mark of neither Bogotá BoneBreakers Team or BX3 League. We do not claim it so and this imagery is only displayed for academic and portfolio purposes. We do not own the image after this note and is displayed for reference purposes only.
This was the BX3 League Identity we reworked and wanted to improve
The board of the league decided not to use our system and still using this one.
Bogotá Bone Breakers - Roller Derby League