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Brent Kloecker Examines How Rescuing Dogs Helps a Comm
Brent Kloecker Examines How Rescuing Dogs Helps a Community
Brent Kloecker is a leading light in the animal rights field and has volunteered much of his time and energy into helping animals. He has become a significant benefactor for many animal shelters in his area, believing that they help out communities in ways that many people may not even realize without a little investigation.

Brent Kloecker Examines Why Animal Shelters are So Important
For years, Brent Kloecker has been passionate about the animal rights field. Animals are all too often abused by owners and abandoned when they need help the most. A raging pandemic of stray dogs, in particular, has become an issue in recent years. Statistics state that around 200 million stray dogs are homeless worldwide, with three million in America alone.

Brent Kloecker finds these statistics heartbreaking because he not only loves his pets but believes that animals are an essential element of happiness in many people's lives. A good dog can bring joy and happiness to families, provide childless individuals with someone who needs their care, and many other ways that Brent Kloecker thinks are critical to emphasize.

Animal shelters are a critical part of helping these stray dogs, Brent Kloecker believes. Good animal shelters take in these unfortunate animals and give them food and a safe place to live. "Shelter staff, being caring individuals who love animals, help to provide these animals with a loving environment that can help them break through the difficult emotions that a life on the street may trigger," Brent Kloecker says.

Beyond that, shelters also vaccinate and neuter animals to ensure that they are healthy and safe. These steps are ones Brent Kloecker takes with his animals. Just as importantly, Brent Kloecker tries to take animals in from shelters, even as a temporary foster situation, to help them transition back to a home.

As many shelters are filled and have to put down animals regularly, Brent Kloecker believes it is essential for animal lovers to skip breeders and go directly to shelters. Doing so not only helps your community by getting stray animals off the street but also helps animals who just need a little bit of love. Adopting from animal shelters also helps cut down on questionable breeding practices.

Shelters need a lot of help. Brent Kloecker suggests volunteering with your local shelter if you are unable to take in an animal. For example, you can walk dogs and play with cats to provide them with socialization that makes it easier to find their forever home.

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Brent Kloecker Examines How Rescuing Dogs Helps a Comm

Brent Kloecker Examines How Rescuing Dogs Helps a Comm


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