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    Vehicle graphic for the theme Zombie Hunter.
With the popularity in our area of hunting related decals, especially edgy ones like the "Bone Collector" brand, my brother decided he wanted to create one for his own use that worked with zombies.  Understanding the popularity of that subject at the moment as well, specifically within the same market as the hunting decals, I decided to take on the project with hopes of it evolving into something larger than one reproduction.
Foregoing the initial thumbnails created for this project, I had a fairly solid idea on what I wanted from the start, so I focused my thumbnails to work out that idea.  Going for symetry, and a slight amibgram, I settled on this concept.  The "Z" and "E" shapes of zombie mirroring each other, the Z's bottom cross bar incorporating with the crossbar of the "H", and the stems of the "H" and "R" flowing down into spear like spikes, evoacing the "Hunter" idea.  Most of those concepts would prove to be more distracting than helpful, with the spikes were the only surviving aspect of this thumbnail.
I completed a final rough of the layout how I wanted it.  In order to carry the symetry, the I was made lower case to overlap the E.  I also stylized the M to look slightly more Gothic.  The general font would be a wedged serif heavy face.
First run of the digitized version.  The lower case "I" was replaced with a capital which overlaps the "E".  HUNTER was condensed and made more reserved than the original.  A tag was added to the "E" to try and create balance, but the mirrored E shape just threw everything off balance and didn't look good.
Created a normal "E" to replace the mirrored "E" and the flow and baland vastly improved.  The whole logo didn't seem interesting enough for me to meet the problem, so I decided to create a better icon for the crosshairs, one the would also be able to be used as a standalone graphic for quick recognition.  After brainstorming and dirty thumbnailing, I decided to put a zombie's face in.
The initial sketch of the zombie face.  I didn't want to go for a straight skull image, but as trying to create something that would carry from a distance what the message was.  I tried to simplify the skin covered section, but overall, I thought this image was striking, but ultimately was more gruesome and shocking than I wanted.  I was looking for something slightly more acceptable across the board, and more of a sporty sense of zombies than horror.
Foregoing the blatant skin imagery I implied a contrast between skull and skin with a realistic eye versus a hollow one and less skull definitition on the left side, while also mirroring the shape of the skull on the opposite side.  Sill a little too dark for what I was going for.
The final iconography became a symetrical graphic skull shape based of of the previous sketch.  I felt the mysterious shadows left it slightly ambiguous as to whether it had a skin covering, or was simply a skull.  this was a graphic that I knew was right when i saw it.
Second to last iteration of the image  The Z was made smalled and the cross bar of the H was made to fit the font style.  I still was uneast with the large white space between the bottom of the Z and the crosshair O as well as the uneven strokes on the Z.  The counters in the B seemed to make it feel airier than the rest of the standard letters.  
The final version, as of now.  The diagonal stroke of the Z was made smoother, the kink at the bottom was removed and the horizontal angle was decrease to condense the letter.  The counters in the B were reduced to create a heavier feel to fit with the rest of the letters, and some minor kerning issues were corrected.
At this point, this will be produced as a one off vehicle decal, but I am going to continue to fine tune the design and work with color and placements to possibly develop various products and other graphics of similar subjects.  Any comments, critiques and suggestions are appreciated.