Comarch Fraud Protection is software for every big client that helps fighting issues such as money laundering, abuse of loyalty programs, and cyber threats. What's distinctive about it, is the use of AI and machine learning for creating models that help to detect frauds.

Our job was to create an animation that will show these functions in easy to follow and entertaining way.


We based the storytelling on the hero which in this case was the spherical object traveling through the digital world revealing and fighting all of the risks along the way.

In animation, we wanted to achieve as much depth as possible. All of the elements were designed in Adobe Illustrator and part of them was later on remodeled in Cinema4D to allow the smooth flow of the camera and object's rotations in 3D.

Both techniques were stylized in the same manner to stay coherent and keep the immersion in the story.

Editing, compositing, and additional animations were done in After Effects.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The sphere was supposed to react to the changes of position and speed by rotating around the axis.

To make things easier, we have rigged it in After Effects with CC Sphere effect which values were parented to the controllers in the main composition, thus allowing us the easy adjustments of movement. Also, fluids inside got their own additional slider to enable as much control over the look of the sphere as possible.


For voice-over, we decided on the more mature voice talent that would sound experienced and thus trustworthy.

Music was composed for the animation to fit every story beat, and builds towards the very end of the video to further enable the immersion.​​​​​​​


                  Art Direction: Rafał Blecharz
                  Storyboard: Agnieszka Telega
                  Key Illustration: Ludmiła Kaczmarek, Agnieszka Telega
                  Animatic: Rafał Blecharz
                  Illustrations: Ludmiła Kaczmarek, Sara Szymocha
                  Animation: Tigran Manukyan, Sara Szymocha, Marta Kulińska
                  Sound design: Daruma Audio
                  Production Management: Dorota Lichtańska, Kasia Kucaj
                  Client Service: Gosia Kucharska

Comarch - Frauds