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video archive from 2010 till now
Some videos made from 2010 till now
Presentation of the project Miraorti by Stefano Olivari & Isabella De Vecchi
Shown during: "Torino festival architettura in città"
Video made by: Greta Colombo (direction) & Giulia Fiorinelli (editing, 2d animation)

May 2013 - Torino
Short concept video made for the portoguese design studio Pedrita, to show the AMOPLAY project, the result of a collaboration between the group AMOP and the studio.

Project by: Studio Pedrita for Amop 
Video by: Giulia Fiorinelli

Fall 2012 - internship in Studio Pedrita - Lisboa
The video introduces the concept of an innovation product: Dawn Foam Maximizer ,which uses just the detergent's foam for washing up the dishes, and a minimum amount of water.We can change the italian user's customs not only in the washing up, but also in the mind-changing.and direct them to a eco-friendly behavior.
You can check the full project here

Project by: Clelia Felici, Giulia Fiorinelli, Filippo GIlardi, Marcello Golia
Video by: Giulia Fiorinelli
Winter 2011 - Master of Product Design - Politecnico di Milano
In a world dominated by communication, bodies, undressed from their tribal clothing, show the inevitability of expression. Experiences of life spread upon us and talk about our lives.

A project by: Paolo Cinque, Luca Erbifori, Clelia Felici, Giulia Fiorinelli, Alessandro Foglino
Photography: Clelia Felici, Giulia Fiorinelli
Editing: Luca Erbifori, Alessandro Foglino
Sound: Paolo Cinque, Luca Erbifori
Spring 2010 - Bachelor Degree of Industrial Design - Politecnico di Milano