This TrulyJo video was the video editing job that started the video edit dept. of SA fishing; Tom Desernia asked me if i could help him do a video for his wife and the rest is history...
In the early years of SA fishing, iPhone footage & still shots were all we had to work with.
Alpha Defense which is part of SA fishing, had the same issues of only having iPhone footage & still shots but i did the best i could at the time.
With nothing much left to use I started "borrowing" footage from youtube to help Alpha Defense (I became the Alpha Defense video editor after doing SA fishing).
Alpha Defense rented a camera and it was game on!
SA Fishing asked me to step back in to help them with this edit and sounds for this video.
I took a bunch of B-roll footage and have fun making a story to this edit for SA Fishing.
A quick idea and edit that saved the day for SA Fishing.
I make edits for my instagram account, when it's a big event of some sort.
My friend invited me over to see his son play soccer... i recorded some clips on my iPhone and made this tribute video for him.
Video Editing