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The Happiness Museum

Visual identity
Client: The Happiness Museum

How has our understanding of happiness changed over 2000 years? Will artificial intelligence become emotionally intelligent? Why is laughter contagious? Can happiness be quantified?

The Happiness Museum is a small museum about the big things in life. It covers different aspects of happiness like geography, science, politics and the future of happiness. The museum is based in Copenhagen and it's run by the Happiness Research Institute.

The museum's visual identity is based on a bold typographic solution that subtly and elegantly refers to an iconic symbol known to everyone. The design combines a corporate and serious look, representing the scientific, cultural and historic aspect of happiness, with a playful feel, representing the joy and optimism often associated with the feeling.

The museum demonstrates how happiness is involved in every area of our lives, with eight rooms that examine the subject from different perspectives.

Exhibition design from Geography of happiness
From Politics of happiness
From The Smile

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The Happiness Museum