l'Hotel Particulier Montmartre : POEMS & HATS suite
POEMS & HATS suite design Matthieu Paillard, poems Olivier Saillard

An ambiance of greys and blacks evokes the world of haberdashery. The individual shines through by virtue of his absence in this suite. The poems of Olivier Saillard, printed on paper transformed into wood, hang from lamps, bedposts, armchairs and the attached price tags render commercial value obsolète replacing cost figures with short poems. A slender valet chair allowing the visitor to expose his jacket and a hat-rack reclaimed from Morgane Rousseau’s grandparents’ department stores « Rousseau » transform the bedroom into a dressing chamber where one can toss oneself off like some shirt slung accross an armrest. Dior-grey carpeting spreading out like a flannel lake, long drapes tailored in the same tones, tennis striped materials all contribute to the ambiant upholstered style.
« To dress the walls behind the poems which are like business cards a previous tenant may have left in passing. To make possible the spontaneous exposure of each passer-by’s articles of clothing, a sort of mini-biography of the self transported from place to place… »
For the central bathroom situated between the bedroom and the salon, Morgane took inspiration from the paintings of Mondrian. A glass cage designed by the architect Mathieu Paillard separates the spaces. The black tiles remind one of the 50’s and porcelain light fixtures create a luminary setting as in a black and white film of this era. The sink and counters are of one single block of marble.