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l'Hotel Particulier Montmartre : VEGETALE suite
VEGETALE suite by Martine Aballea

Morgane Rousseau commissioned a photo from the artist Martine Aballea to produce a wallpaper for this Suite.
« I want guests occupying this room to have the impression of finding themselves in a suspended garden or in the trees, floating in an airy and luminous place, flowery and soft. » A sensual and végétal décor of wondrous color blends into the trees beyond the Windows of the room. The carpeting is earthen-colored and the velvet drapes an immaculate white. Sixties style furnishings and mirrored surfaces reflect the luminosity of the surroundings. The bathroom with it’s enormous Windows and venetian mirrors is also bathed in light. Visitors can soak in an aquatic and warm ambiance.