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    Methi - Honey Branding & Label Design. A honey brand based in the city of Thessaloniki - Greece.

Methi Honey: Branding 

Methi Honey is a honey brand based in the city of Thessaloniki - Greece, enjoying national distribution among both small and large grocery retailers across Greece. 

Methi: From Ancient Greek μέθυ (méthy, “wine”), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *médʰu (“mead”).
Figuratively Methi stands for the mental stimulation, the euphoria caused by strong emotions, the intoxication of victory or the erotic intoxication.

Methi comes exclusively from a beekeeper living in Thessaloniki who decided to take his job more seriously and make a brand.  Methi's premium quality and mild flavor has delighted new consumers  and Methi takes pride in bringing it from the hive to your table in the most pristine manner possible.

Our key focus was to create an attractive custom recognizable logo & label to enhance the appearance and salability of the honey. We proposed a fresh modern logo inspired from the bee carefully crafted from scratch, without losing the function of the geometric shape which we automatically relate to the field of contemporary brands of the marketplace. The branding process began with the logo design, complemented by the label design with the basic applications for the formal representation of the brand consisting of: the corporate logo, business cards, corporate folder, letterhead & envelope.