Fresh Food for All 

I was reached by Sra. Rushmore Agency to create a Print and TV Campaign for NGO Queen´s Sofía Foundation and the Spanish Association of Food Banks. The Campaign was developed to raise funds in order to distribute all kinds of food, including fresh fish and vegetables, for people in need.

The main idea was to show how usual donations to Food Banks, represented by the rice initial animations, can be transformed into fresh food through the collection of funds to invest in refrigerated transportation. This way, fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, but also fish and meat can reach every home in need.

I teamed up with Blo Que Studio to develop the 30 sec TV campaign through a series of stop motion animations where we play around the different food groups in a playful and magical way.

It was a great experience to hace such creative freedom to communicate the concept in my own language and style and to be able to help and raise the voice and help in this situation and difficult times we´re living.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

TV Campaign
Print Campaign
Behind The Scenes
Co-Directed by Paloma Rincón & blo que studio
Produced by The Mushroom Company
Art Direction/ DOP: Paloma Rincón
Animations/ Post Production: blo que studio
Food Styling: Laura Bustarviejo
Producer: Page Stafford
Agency: Sra. Rushmore
Client: Queen´s Sofia Foundation
Thank you! 

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Fresh Food for All