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    This is the logo process I took to develop an ident for a Kuwait company called Easy Shippings.
Easy Shippings is a company from Kuwait. They deliver any kind of shipping around the world. In my search for an appropriate identity, I considered the importance of colors, dynamics and singularity. Hence, I chose this space of color, considering the meaning and impact of every element:
The first attemps were more designed towards related abstract concepts related to the company.
In a some new attemps. I decided to move towards the idea of a ship, with some arabic touch in its design, mixing tradition with modernity.
The client wanted to move to a more specific concept, pretending to mix elements like a train, ships and airplanes. This supposed to be a complex challenge, since it suppose a lot of elements for a single logo. I decided to get all of that into a circle, representing the service arund the world. It would also work as a stampo, ideal to mark boxes. It also concentrates all the elements as much as possible. 
For the final stage, I was asked to use more specific kind of trains and airplanes, related with cargo loads. I also added cinetic lines to make it more dynamic, attractive and modern. Even though it's a complex logo, I believe it turned out quite bold and vanguardist.
Some details:
Some textures:
The logo standing alone:
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