The Collective today releases their thirty-fourth themedexhibition, entitled 'IDIO'. This micro pack focuses on the self, aseach artist creates a maximum of two responses to the introspectivetheme.

This release sees some very experimental styles come to theforefront, and is certainly an aesthetic shift from previousexhibitions, featuring exclusive work created by both new and longserving members as they share with you their thoughts and impressionsfrom within.

As we begin work on the things to come, we hope you enjoy our 34th exhibition.

Justin Maller
Creative Director
'Very often, we find ourselves stuck in a bad situation. With awavering determination, you feel like giving up. It is at such times,that you need to energize yourself with inspirational thoughts.

Itis time to break through the barriers that have held you back and heldyou down for such a long time. It is time to reach out and indeliblyetch your place in history. Confront any situation head on.'