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Finding the Meaning of Life ...
Every life starts as a fine Morning with so much light and color. Everyone tried to look inside to find the real them, but failed by ending in a peripheral understanding which was like a silhouette of a creature. Sometimes light may enter to give visibility to the real image of what we are. Whether these small drops of answers satisfy us for the millions of questions wandering inside us. We tried to be keen, humble and patient longing that once our mind will blossom with answers for our never ending search. Even if we cannot find any answers for the meaning of life; what drives us is the power of love and friendship which is sweet and fragrant like an Alphonso. We are having limitations beyond our capabilities to find the answers and the only answer we get is that we are born as man and we have to live this life like a man.
Light and Life
Color of Life
Searching for Answers
Silhouette of a Creature
Light and Shadows
The Self-Reflection
Never ending Thirst
Isolated by Dark
Humble and Patient
Seasonal Blossom
Flying High
The Community
Surrounded by Unseen Answers
Love - Gift of Life
Friends - Life of Gifts
Sweetness in Grit
Garland of Fragrance
Repeating Story