"Pinched to Perfection"
Samuelle Lanier for ERA 1: AUGMENTED
The first era of the DÆV universe explores the intriguing world of plastic surgery. This collection emphasizes the beauty and nature of the enhanced human body.
Samuelle is styled in a skin tight, latex dress with contrast black cut outs. The dress is held together with metal cords and alligator clamps. This dress is inspired by the the recovery gowns worn by patients after surgery.
The visual concept was influenced by Angelique from Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) and Mrs. Lowry’s plastic surgery scene in Brazil (1985). The metal clamps that have adapted as her braids are motioned to be extending out, ready to pinch and pull at your face.
Model: Samuelle Lanier / Makeup: Devon Macalib-Og / Styling: Devon Macalib-Og / Photography: Davin Gaoiran / Editing: Davin Gaoiran, Devon Macalib-Og / Creative Direction: Devon Macalib-Og, Davin Gaoiran
Pinched to Perfection