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    Diseño de interfaz interactiva para una revista. Trabajo hecho junto con Catalina Mana, para cátedra Gabriele, nivel 3.
Catalogue Fashion Magazine
Website prototype

This work consisted of developingan interactive user interfase for an existing magazine. Catalogue is a Fashionmagazine that collects and reviews the local industry of Fashion.Their actual website is a single cover page, so we started off fromthe revision of their issues to understand which kind of website wewould
have to develop.
New ways of navigating a website were explored andproposed in the prototype that we created, giving users thepossibility of going through the website in different ways, providing themthe chance to enjoy a customized navigating experience.
Please, check out the animated demo of this project as well: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Web-prototype-2-Catalogue-fashion-magazine/1139395