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Blackboxx - branding

Building Better
Business in Bruges.

Giving new life to an
old industrial building.

That was the Blackboxx project: a brand new co-working space in Bruges. The project involved a total makeover of the building, inside and out, a new spatial identity, a new name, an unmistakable graphic identity, ... in short, all-encompassing, clear and distinctive brand. From scratch.

Blackboxx's brand identity is bold and direct. The branding is based on grids, which dominate the graphic identity, the spatial identity and the online identity.

The logo, the bold font and the basic colours black, white and red recur throughout the Blackboxx brand story. The overall effect is more than just a nod to the building's industrial past. The verbal identity that has been developed is also direct and bold.

The tagline 'Nothing will work until you do' is perfect for Blackboxx. This can also be seen in the photography. Everyone is in action.

Blackboxx’s main ambassadors
are the members themselves.

If they want to share images, they can edit them with a specially developed filter in the Lightroom app. This gives the photos a recognisable style that fully fits with the visual identity that was developed for Blackboxx.

The grainy photographic images and online identity all convey the feeling on which the brand is built. This is true both on social media and on the brand-new website.

Communication is very clear and simple on social media, in short and direct messages, all in the recognisable graphic and online identity.

Blackboxx opened in September 2019 and has been inspiring its community since day one. The members are in non-stop contact with the brand every day. Notebooks, disinfectant hand gels, coffee cups, ... the same logo grid appears everywhere. The iron grid balustrades, the tiles on the wall, the paving pattern of the terrace on the industrial dock, the windows of the separate offices, the bar cabinets of the inviting Bar Noir...

A minimalist, fresh, welcoming design was chosen that reinforces the building’s openness. The neon signs add an extra touch and complete the overall effect.

Blackboxx is tough, young and hip, but also minimalist, refined and open. The desks were specially designed for Blackboxx, in the three basic colours.

Blackboxx is a unique location
in Bruges and far beyond.

Open, light-filled work spaces overlooking the water. A dockside terrace where you can meet, have lunch and take a break. Meeting rooms inside of various sizes. A spacious event venue, the hip Bar Noir, the friendly lobby area. Open workspaces designed and furnished to help you focus in a characterful and minimalist interior.

The ambition and the vision were there to create a vibrant new part of the city in a location where no one would have expected it. New ideas take shape every day in Blackboxx. Ideas to make businesses better, bigger and stronger. In an environment where people can be at their best every day, and more productive than ever. One story, one identity, one experience: a strong brand.


Blackboxx - branding