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TR Warszawa | Website

Creating a new responsive website for the TR Warszawa theater, designed in accordance with the mobile-first strategy.

Role: Benchmarking, Data analyzing, Design workshops, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, UX/UI Design, Interaction design, Design accessibility, Design System

Link to the website: trwarszawa.pl
TR Warszawa is one of the most important contemporary theaters in Poland, located in Warsaw.

It was established in 2008 through the merger of two theaters: Teatr Rozmaitości and Teatr na Woli. TR Warszawa stands out for its innovation, experimental approach to theater, and openness to diverse artistic forms. The theater presents both Polish and international productions, often tackling controversial topics and employing innovative stage techniques.

Is also a hub for theater education, organizing workshops, meetings, and projects for young artists and audiences. The theater also emphasizes developing partnerships with other cultural institutions, both within Poland and abroad.
Phase 1

Analyzing business needs
Detailed consultations and workshops were conducted with the theater's team to understand TR Warszawa's business needs. Key project goals were identified, including:

1. Enhancing accessibility to information about current and upcoming performances.
2. Facilitating the online ticket purchasing process.
3. Creating intuitive website navigation.
4. Ensuring a consistent brand image for TR Warszawa on the website.
5. Designing in the Mobile First approach.
Phase 2

Information architecture
The website's information architecture was developed, taking into account sections such as Program, Calendar, Tickets, About TR, TR Online, etc. The card sorting method was used to organize the website structure.
Phase 3

Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi mockups
Lo-fi wireframes were created on the basis of the collected knowledge and the structure of the website. These wireframes were used to visualize the layout and organization of content without detailed graphics. A significant challenge was to focus on the mobile-first approach.
Phase 4

Usability Verification through
Clickable Prototypes
The designed hi-fi mockups were transformed into clickable prototypes. This stage allowed users to test website interactions and verify the usability of the project. The obtained feedback and insights were valuable for further project refinement.
Phase 5

User Interface
Based on the accepted, clickable hi-fi mockups, the user interface was prepared. A coherent and visually attractive website was created, referring to the unique style of TR Warszawa. Graphics, colors and typography have been carefully matched to enhance the artistic and aesthetic impression of the theatre.
Giving dynamics to interface elements

photo. Tomasz Tyndyk / Adrian Lach
TR Warszawa | Website

TR Warszawa | Website

A new responsive website for the TR Warszawa theater, designed in accordance with the mobile-first strategy.