l'Hotel Particulier Montmartre : LOBBY
by Mats Haglund

The lobby presents a bourgeois ambiance from the 1970’s in black and chocolaté colors. Velvets, plush rugs and leather-covered walls provide warmth to the masculine atmosphère of the furnishings. A Memory of fading cigar-smoke nearly floats over the place…
The Windows, outlined in black laquer, frame the gardens beyond. The designer furniture is exceptional and rare as an Arne Jacobsen egg chair, the famous Barcelona by Mies van der Rohe or other pièces by Le Corbusier… Pleasures for the eye and the touch, each material, each object or pièce of furniture add perfectly to the harmonious whole. Here one can read, relax, enjoy a glass of something in total élégance.
« The lobby is a place of arrival, of departure, a meeting place, a permanently ephemeral exhibit hall. The artworks are presented as an intégral part of the living space, as they would be in the home of an art collector. One can converse amongst and with the Works in the complete intimacy of the setting. This is a far cry from a pristine, pasteurized gallery setting.