My first AppBook and on going project, Taking Flight, written and illustrated by Moose Peterson, I handled the layout and design. The book focuses mainly on starting in aviation photography, what to look for, and how to capture it once you find it. He and I just released the first major update to the book. The 2nd Edition comes with a new chapter just on air to air photography.
We created the  Moose Press 
I've Made a couple dedication pages now. They are pretty important to me to get right. This one is my favorite. This is a cockpit pano of a Bamboo Bomber that Dad shot and I assembled. And while that makes it cool to me in of itself, I love this page because in the book, the page slowly scrolls across the entire scene.
Any one chapter in this book took me as long to create as this single page. That's because this single page actually has nine InDesign documents embeded into it to create the sliders. And each of those pages is filled with images, links, and other clockwork to make the magic of this page work. All of these tabs slide out, and nearly anything on this page links to something. 
Rebuilding the Table of Contents to fit in a new chapter slider was most likely going to cause more problems than solve. So instead I added a new link to the existing ToC that went to the second page of the Toc, this page. It ended up a neat, clean, and simple solution to the problem.
The ToC was meant to be cool and really show off a little because really, if you want to get around in the book, just tap anywhere and you can pull out the expanded view of the entire book, allowing you to jump to any page you want. 
One of the great functions in the book, these pop ups provide the means to getting the in-depth captions on how images were shot.
Yep, videos too! There's a bunch of subjects covered in them. You know, it was amazingly painful figuring out how to export videos to render at a 1080p and be small enough to fit on the iPad. Worth it though, because the whole point of that versus streaming all the videos was to allow the videos to be available offline.
Best part, Chapter 7 is all video. The first part of any page in this chapter is the comparison of the image being retouched, the before and after. Next to it are the videos of Moose as he works on the image.