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    Figurative Paintings created by Robert West from 2007-Present
Figurative Painting
Wests continued series of figurative painting has been inconsistent, with gaps of up to a  year between pieces, after a long time concerning himself with process driven Abstract painting West states 2011 will be concerned with figurative painting. His pieces are constantly evolving and he implements techniques and process that are vast and varied, I look forward to the end of 2011 for the results!
Figure. 2007. Oil onAluminium. 50 x 50 cm. RW 08
Figures .2009. Oil on Board. 50 x 50 cm. RW 21
Figure. 2009-2010. Oil on Canvas. 105 x 146 cm. RW 32
Figures. 2010. Oil on Canvas. 106 x148 cm. 2010. RW 40