• During a personal short animation project called "Clicliclick!" (still in production), sometimes I had some fun posing the short characters. These are two of eleven characters that I developed for three minutes of animation. This scene don't have any relation with the short story, but reflect a little bit of the two characters personality. The rest I let to you figure out  .

    Here are two details that I like. 
    One is the Girl face and makeup shaders:
  • The other is the expression of the guy:
  • I recorded a video showing a little bit of the rigging and hope that you don't sleep watching :P
  • I developed a rigging tool in Mel to try to help me in the rigging process. With Mel I also did a lot of little tools to help me with some boring tasks, like set driven keys and/or to create custom nurbs controls. Here is a exhibitionist video showing my rigger tool in action:
  • If you like, you can visit the short FB page:
    Thank you very much for your attention!