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    Analysis of Accessibility Conditions in Municipal Equipments
Analysis of Accessibility Conditions in Municipal Equipments
Lisbon . Portugal . 2013
This work became a challenge on the perception on the group of the 9 equipments analyzed – 6 cemeteries and 3 public gardens.

The only work presented here is the most complex of them all with a site area of almost 220.000,00 m2 (More than the Chiado quarter plus de Praça do Comércio square.

The work consisted in creating conditions for disabled people to access to the whole infrastructure depending on two kinds of analysis:
1.        The public space;
2.        The access and circulation inside the buildings.
Lisbon 9 Projects
Alto São João Cemetery
Buildings considered
Main entrance and Chapel
Nonconformities on public space (sidewalks, flights of stairs and other accesses)
Nonconformities on public space (Red color indicates pathways with more than 6% of inclination)
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