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    A poster to help get funds for the Japan Disaster Relief
As you may have heard, Japan was destroyed by an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami.

I almost spent the whole day watching the news and checking the tweets on 
Twitter. I couldn't barely work because of this disaster. I wasn't gonna sit there and do nothing, so I decided do whatever I can, to help the situation in Japan.

I decided to make this print entitled: 
Wake from Death and Return to Life. It's a japanese expression "kishi kaisei" and it means "To come out of a desperate situation and make a complete return in one sudden burst." It's to honour the courage of the japanese people after such a montruous tragedy.

I already sent this 12 x18 in poster to my printer and this will be included into a set of two (2) posters for sale on my 
online store. I'll include also my Retro Montreal Poster as a gift for your support!

I'll also put down the prices of what's left from the 
Montreal Meets Store and ALL the sales will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

As a designer, it's the least I can do to help those you can't do anything right now and this whole disaster makes you feel very fortunate for what you have in your life. I hope my gesture will inspire you to do the same! Join me.

Thank you and let's help Japan! Peace!

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