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    Fight war with dirty underwear.
Fight war with dirty underwear!
How to turn a promotion campaign into a global peace keeping mission!
Björn Borg Underwear is from Sweden. And you know what? Swedes are a bit naive. At Farfar, we took this blue-eyed attitude and turned it into great marketing. Peace on Earth was a mission in its purest form, exporting one of Sweden's finest traits: staying out of war (the last battlecry uttered by a Swede died in 1814). The plan was simple: Collect people's wornout underwear and send them to the warmonger of your choice.   Here is a film that explains it:
Outdoor, week 1
Outdoor. week 2
Mission statement
Advertising is usually full of empty promises, but I'm proud to say this marketing ploy actually delivered. Enjoy the first deliverance of dirty undies to George W Bush in 2007:
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