The purpose of this video is the creation of digital 2D animation based on "Pimpa" theme song (2010) for an audience of children. This theme song is, effectively, the point from which I started to think about how to create my personal interpretation of the Pimpa character and of all that she does.
Watching some “Pimpa” cartoon, I concluded that this dog is an adventurer who is always looking for something new and who tries to be nice to everyone despite the troubles she gets into. That's why I decided to set the story in space ( unknown location ) and to make the dog an astronaut who travels with his old and trustworthy friend Armando, making them live an adventure which follows the line of the original song.
Having to create an animation for children I’ve decided to choose a quite simple style with flat backgrounds such as cartoons for children but at the same time both spatial and full of special effects so I watched some sci-fi movies of the 70s and 80s (Tron, Star Wars).
For this reason we can see that in the first part of the video there are lines that define the silhouette, the details of the body, the environment of a well-defined color as well as the shape, while in the second part (when they go to space) these lines light up just like neon lights and make the video more lively, dynamic and sci-fi.
The colors have been chosen with consistency: pink and white background because the original character (Pimpa) is both red and white and because the protagonist is a girl; blue for Armando because he is a man; orange / yellow for the spaceship (in the original cartoon it is the color of Pimpa's plane); purple for the meteorites (which are violets in the original cartoon song); cyan for the stars and the closing titles; dark blue as background when the video is set in space.