Street Justice: Condition Red is Lethal Weapon on crack basically. One cop is straight laced, the other doesn't play by the rules but damn it, he gets results!
This was even more fun to create than the previous poster 'Namosaur!. I directed the photoshoot making these poor guys run up and down an alleyway in the heat of early September in those costumes. We had a hard time with lighting but in this context the gritty nature adds to the heat and intensity. The guy on the right had just walked from an auto repair shop to where he had just pushed his car. What a trooper! I replaced the alleyway with this amazing Australian streetscape which to my delight fit perfectly. Adding the burst of explosions sealed the deal.
In addition to designing the SJ:CR poster, I have redesigned The Factory Theater's identity (witnessed here for the first time) and am working on the front end of their website. More on that later.