”When it comes to vibrant and engaging design Snask wrote the book! This years paper theme was impeccable!”
Pella Ström, Festival manager
The 29th edition of Malmöfestivalen, Scandinavias largest city festival, had “paper” as a theme. The whole city of Malmö, as well as every piece of communication and branding, needed to get a coat of paper to communicate the chosen theme.
We created a visual concept where everything was made by hand in paper. For a month cutting, folding, gluing and modelling became the everyday task at Snask. One challenge was to create objects in paper that would be reproduced in gigantic scale in cardboard and taken to the streets of Malmö. We added the feeling of the material by partially ripping up and apart some of the pieces we produced. We made films in stop motion for advertisement as well as for the screens of the big stage in-between concerts. Countless paper models and paper portraits also covered the magazine, which goes out to everyone in Malmö (about 500k people).
The festival became a huge success and some visitors called it the best of the 29 years of existence. The paper theme was visible everywhere, from screens and newspapers, to the very streets in the shape of the giant cardboard models.

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Malmö Festival 2013