”I had a hell of a time at the Yay Festival. Need a kick in the ass creatively? Go to the Yay Festival and get BLOWN AWAY. My big, sweaty head still hurts.”
    Aaron Draplin, CEO, Draplin Design Co
    YAY Festival is a collaboration between Snask and Grandins Flying Circus. Together we visited different lecturing festivals around the globe and found that things were missing. Some festivals, for example, had great speakers but no organised forum afterwards for speakers and audience to meet and talk. Others had long ass lectures about agencies own work and no relieving party in the evening whatsoever. This sparked an idea of a festival with the combination of inspiring and entertaining talks, live music and a spectacular after party – everything packaged as one festival.
    We started the project in May 2012 with the aim to launch the festival in November the same year. We decided to start locally in Stockholm and grow slowly with the vision to be an international festival. We booked speakers from all over the globe, from Amsterdam to San Francisco. We found a new up-and-coming band and young DJs straight from the hot pot of Stockholm’s nightlife scene. We made an identity as well as a campaign for the festival and spread the word on the street as well as in social media. We wanted to create a reputation amongst people that something new was happening in town. Also, we decided to arrange the first festival as a free entrance-event where sponsors would finance everything.
    Ten days before the event we had to close the lists of people who wanted to go. The interest was huge and on the night of the festival, the venue got packed instantly with 150 people, with a long queue outside. The Yay festival was a huge success and the next time it will grow. We also started up the Talks-section of the famous Way Out West festival in 2013.
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