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Housewares Packaging

Gourmet Wok Packaging
The wok packaging was designed for Rowoco, a division of Homecraft Industries, a division of the Coats & Clark Corporation. The design brief called for creating gourmet cookware packaging that appeals to foodies and gourmets, while differentiating the structural qualities of the products in an inviting, eye-catching manner. These packages replaced older, less upscale packaging. This rebranding of these products resulted in a marked increase in their sales.
Identity and packaging for a line of high-end hand-painted imported dinnerware.
Brushworks / Laguna is one of nine sets designed for the Lines of Insight Company. All sets are themed after international resort areas, including Biarritz, Ipanema, Bali, Portofino, Capri, Corfu, Kauai and Cancun. The packaging is printed to retain the texture of the watercolor paper used for the illustrations. The photo images of the dinnerware are printed on on tipped on labeling that is die-cut to follow the contours of a brush stroke. Using these labels greatly reduced the cost of printing individual packaging for each line.

 Examples from a large line of casual dinnerware comprising over 50 sku's including glasses, plates, pitchers, cups, saucers and cutlery. Products are made in a variety of clear and opaque colors. The bannering effect of the packaging is effective as a display in store environments. This product has sold well in the housewares departments of major department stores. 
Housewares Packaging