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Pandawa Lima Webcomic Project
A Retold of Bharatayuddha War as Depicted in Mahabharata and Indonesian Puppet World with Interactive Webcomic Media 
As one of the epic storytelling in the world of Wayang, Baratayuda tells the peak of dispute between the Five Pandavas against 100 Kauravas. Along the way, this comic media of traditional puppets have been told in various forms, but comic is the most prominent. Wayang and comics has a strong bond between since RA Kosasih make Baratayuda comic series in 1954. The successful comic sold roughly 30,000 copies per volumes and made the prestige generation of wayang reteller. The ideology reflected by the Five Pandavas in the comic have made comic as a medium of positive entertainment. However, with the inclusion of various types of entertainment media, teens had been so selective according to the trends they know. The current generation does not know much about the epic in the absence of adequate facilities. Therefore, the presence of new media distribution is needed, as new method of retelling for teens and to provide new stimulus to learn more of Wayang puppet world.
Interactive web comic is one of the favored medium of information nowadays, providing support for learning moral values that are entertaining. In the development of Wayang stories, the element of entertainment is emphasized as a designed method of easy information gain and to the public acceptance. 
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Character Design and Concept Art

The character is based from the Five Pandavas and several key character that accompany them, for instance Kresna (Krishna) and Gatotkaca (Ghatukacha). The Art Direction firstly follow the path of Mahabharata, but as the project underwent some heavy revision, the direction is changed to follow more closely to Indonesian Puppet World, hence the character's changed outfit.
The Five Pandavas and their allies. Before and after revision (color key only)
The Kauravas and Hastinapur's Legend.
Concept: The first dawn of Baratayuda War.
Concept: Gatotkaca run from Vasavi Shakti (Kunta)
Concept: 14th Day War, when Gatotkaca make a large mess in Kurukshetra, shown that the war prolonged to night cycle.
Concept : The Final day of the War, Duryudhana vs Bhima.

After the change is agreed, then comes the comic paneling, for this project I aim to make only 1 chapter from total 8 chapter planned for Pandawa Lima webcomic. Chapter "Suluhan" has chosen as it has the high climax and turnaround.
All thumbnail assets for 'Suluhan' chapter.
Preview Images
Complementary Items

Collector Edition is one of the suplementary items used for this project. The idea follows that even the webcomic is free, there are some loyal consumers who need to be treated highly. The Collector Edition consist of various items from Fine Art, Soundtrack, Artbook, and of couse the download code. Other items includes Poster, Illustration for the case, Concept art, etc.
Pandawa Lima Webcomic Project