A collection of original typeface designs
Above: Julie Zhu
Inspired by the Te Wero walkway in the Wynyard Quarter
Above: Alex Tau
Inspired by industrial materials used on a structure at Silo Park
Above: Anish Vijayan
Inspired by a geometrical floral design adorning a building
Above: Ben Andersen
Inspired by ship masts at Silo Park
Above: Darelle Teau
Inspired by various elements on a Pescado Cafe sign in Silo Park
Above: Chongqing Fan
Inspired by the top of Facades on Ponsonby Road
Above: Natchanok Ruangsillapasart
Inspired by the industrial pipes at Silo Park
Above: Jiayu Ni
Inspired by old architecture and pattern on the old buildings on Queen Street
Above: Rangi Christie
Above: Sandeep Patel
Inspired by metal joints on scafolding on Ponsonby Road
Above: Tri Nguyen
Inspired by the sails and masts on the boats at Silo Park
Above: Thanadul Lertpisitkul
Inspired by the shadows on shipping containers at Silo Park
Above: Matt Fell
Inspired by the tram lines at Silo Park
Typeface Design
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Typeface Design

A collection of original typeface designs.